School Biography

Top View of Ecole Montrose school

The first Montrose School was built in 1917 for Grande Prairie students in grades 1-12, on land donated to the Grande Prairie School District by Rev. & Mrs. Alexander Forbes. It was named "Montrose" after the birthplace of Mrs. Forbes in Scotland. In 1929 a separate high school was built on the same land. 

In 1960 the first grade 7-9 school, called Montrose Junior High School, was tucked in front of the old school. In the 1970s, when school programs and population needed more space, Montrose Junior High made use of the two older school buildings as well as a second high school built across the road in 1950. Later the 1917 school was torn down, but the 1929 school remains as part of the Grande Prairie Art Gallery. Montrose Junior High operated in its downtown location until 1992.

The Montrose Reunion Committee was organized in 1993 by former teachers who understood the building was soon to be demolished, although it had been used by several other groups for many years. A two day event was planned for July 2-3, 1993 with a dinner and dance as the finale on the last night. Montrose Junior High School was finally demolished ca. 2000. 

In 1992 the replacement Montrose Junior High School was built in the Country Club area in south Grande Prairie. Ecole Montrose is now GPPSD's French Immersion school hosting students from Preschool to Grade 8.

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